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New mop

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agnes112 Sat 24-Dec-16 14:16:41

So my trusty old e cloth string mop has finally died. It had a really annoying way of sort it coming loose from the handle everytime it was wrung and it was discontinued a few years.

We have a bumpy sandstone floor, so I need a mop that can cope with an unsmooth surface (we use the scrubby brush method but with 1 messy cook and 2 small people I need to be able to do a good mopping inbetween scrubbing)

Any recommendations?

Oh and not a steam mop. Proper old fashioned hot soapy water mop.

jackiegoins Sat 24-Dec-16 15:46:18

Anyone who hates washing floors must have this I love that design and whole concept.You don't have to use any power no more to rinse your mop.I have wooden floors and wet mop was always my problem but no more.After using power of your foot you control how wet your mop should be.It's greeeeeat!!!

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