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Anyone else doing the pre-Christmas, last minute 'spring clean'?

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CharleyDavidson Fri 23-Dec-16 10:59:17

I'm waiting in for a delivery of a new table and chairs, bought on the spur of the moment while out on a rare no-children day with DH. It wasn't due until after Christmas, but they've brought the delivery date forward so we will have it in time for hosting the Christmas tea that we do.

So I'm being productive.

So far I've...

Cleared the table.
Tidied on top of my wardrobe and chest of drawers after painting in my room the other day.
Changed our bedding.
Done 3 loads of laundry.
Sorted said laundry and dumped the kids stuff in their room to put away.
Loaded and started dishwasher.
Tidied cupboard of doom under the kitchen sink.
Scrubbed the kitchen floor.
Scrubbed the front of the kitchen cupboards.
Wiped down the kitchen sides.
Touched up the woodwork in the kitchen with gloss where it was looking worn.
Done the same to the woodwork in the bathroom.

Filled a charity bag.
Filled a bin bag.

Still need to finish washing up.
Hoover all the way through.

Hopefully not miss the delivery of the table by being too busy.
And hopefully they won't come too late (7-7 window for delivery!) as I want to go to Sainsburys.

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