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Neutral sensitive biological washing powder

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rabbit123 Tue 20-Dec-16 08:23:23

I got this from a blog on Facebook. It looks like a good option for anyone with sensitive skin but with the cleaning powder of bio. Looks like it's only available online at the moment

"Neutral are launching their products in the U.K!
I'm very excited about this. They've been available in Europe for a long time.
For years, the UK has been conditioned to believe that non-biological detergents are better for sensitive skin, which is nonsense. There has been no proven scientific evidence to support a link between enzymes and skin irritation. Non bio detergent doesn't exist in many mainland European countries or in the US.
Perfumes, preservatives & colourants are known irritants and causes of contact dermatitis.
So finally, it is nice to see a brand of BIOLOGICAL detergent suitable for sensitive skin."

e1y1 Tue 20-Dec-16 18:20:02

Link doesn't work Rabbit

Is it this one?

rabbit123 Tue 20-Dec-16 20:16:51

That's the right link, yes smile

WhoKn0wsWhereTheMistletoes Tue 20-Dec-16 20:20:29

I've never managed to find an unfragranced bio (none of us have particularly sensitive skin but I hate fragranced laundry products) so that looks like good news.

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