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Kettle recommendations

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pxie Mon 19-Dec-16 07:31:35

We need a new kettle. I'm considering Bosch as I like their products generally.

What would people recommend?

bandan Mon 19-Dec-16 08:18:12

I've got a Russel Hobbs kettle, it's excellent and efficient kettle and most of all so quiet.

MusterTheRohirim Mon 19-Dec-16 08:22:34

I gave up with the decent ones, I had a few that broke after just over a year so I got a cheap argos one (thinking it would last less than a year then argos would replace it free grin ) but it has been going for ages!

lovelycats Mon 19-Dec-16 08:23:14

I've had a Tesco £12 kettle for years, never let me down smile

RaisingSteam Mon 19-Dec-16 11:02:51

We're on our second of these, the first lasted at least 5 years. As few features as possible to go wrong, and window to show even 1 cup full.

rabbit123 Mon 19-Dec-16 17:26:01

Get a stove top whistle kettle, they never break down

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 19-Dec-16 17:29:56

We've got Bosch. It's fine, as kettles go. In fact, almost all of our kitchen appliances are now Bosch.

goldangel Mon 19-Dec-16 17:50:12

We've had our dualit kettle for 10 years and still going strong, touch wood!!

Davros Mon 19-Dec-16 22:45:01

If you want it mostly for tea then I highly recommend Heston by Sage (or the other way round) tea machine. It's fantastic. I still keep a basic kettle for boiling water for other reasons

hanban89 Tue 20-Dec-16 23:07:55

We just got a new Russell Hobbs one and I LOVE IT! Never thought I'd be so happy about a kettle. It's got a quiet feature and I hardly notice it's on. I got it in Tesco for £28.

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