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Tablemats that can withstand being used

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Blerg Tue 13-Dec-16 21:44:13

Dull, I know but where can I get table mats that can stand having something hot or wet on them without being ruined very quickly? The normal laminate / cork things you get everywhere are just rubbish and quickly look awful.

I'm sure they didn't used to be so badly made?

Nan0second Tue 13-Dec-16 21:50:03

Slate ones?

RatOnnaStick Tue 13-Dec-16 21:51:15

I just use fabric ones and bung them in the washing machine. Much easier.

MrsHathaway Tue 13-Dec-16 21:52:15

Our glass ones have done really well. Wedding present in 2004. Waterproof (obvs) and heatproof enough for plates although I haven't tried them with a casserole or similar. Dishwasher frequently. None has ever smashed so we have a full set.

Fuckers don't sell them nowadays. You couldn't move in JL in 2004 for glass placemats.

FoggyMorn Tue 13-Dec-16 21:52:24

We ended up replacing ours with glass chargers instead (basically a bigger plate!) ours look like cut crystal, but are fine to go in the dishwasher when they need a wash. Not cheap but they last pretty much forever. You can get ceramic ones, and metal, but steer clear of the plastic "Christmas charger plates' as they flake and peel after a while.

FoggyMorn Tue 13-Dec-16 21:54:32

Mrshathaway, still available online (some German manufacturer I've forgotten the name of), got ours about 4 years ago smile

Blerg Tue 13-Dec-16 21:54:49

Thanks all - sorry I should have said will be frequently used by small children so need to be shatterproof. Otherwise glass or slate sound very stylish - maybe one day!

Fabric might work.

But really, nowhere makes sturdy mats?

WhoKnowsWhereTheT1meG0es Tue 13-Dec-16 21:55:13

We've got bamboo ones from Sainsburys, they wipe clean and don't mark, very pleased with them.

dun1urkin Tue 13-Dec-16 21:56:58

Another vote for slate. Ours are 13 years old. Just need wiping if anything gets spilt on them. Use them under cast iron cookware straight out of the oven without a second thought.

dun1urkin Tue 13-Dec-16 21:57:35

blush missed the update re glass and slate...

MrsHathaway Tue 13-Dec-16 21:57:37

Our glass ones have been swept from the table by Hellbeast DC3 on many occasions. I wouldn't risk slate, agreed.

Glad they're still available. Weird that they are no longer ubiquitous given how practical they genuinely are.

RatOnnaStick Tue 13-Dec-16 21:58:29

Tbh with my little ones I gave up using mats, figured it was making two jobs as I was cleaning the surrounding table area anyway so now I just scrub the table.

EmeliaHerveyHenryFitzroy Tue 13-Dec-16 21:58:51

I got the Sainsbury's bamboo ones - first bit of condensation from a hot plate and it got water stained. They have stained up quickly here but maybe we are too hard on them. The idea is a good one though.

Stegfi Tue 13-Dec-16 22:59:17

Try Denby. I got some from the range they did for Monsoon in Debenhams.
They have so far survived everything the children have (literally) thrown at them and being wiped a couple of times a day.
Prior to this I bought some from Sainsburys and returned them within the week as they started peeling.

applesandpears33 Wed 14-Dec-16 09:35:01

We use heavy granite ones which we stick in the dishwasher a couple of times a week. After 13 years they are still going strong. Might not be great with small kids though.

palatemilly Wed 14-Dec-16 15:33:51

I use these table mats and i've never had any issues with them, there top quality and don't get ruined easily.

EmeliaHerveyHenryFitzroy Wed 14-Dec-16 16:15:16

palatemilly those look interesting- do you just wipe them down or can you wash them in washing machine / dishwasher?

BillyShingles Wed 14-Dec-16 17:17:10

We have sainsbury's bamboo ones for all the reasons you've stated. A couple have curved which makes them basically unusable but the rest are ok.

Dishwashable ones sound like a fantastic idea.

Blerg Fri 16-Dec-16 20:07:11

Thank you everyone!

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