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Hovag, Hyllestad or Hokkasen Mattress? Ikea

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CushionFiller Wed 07-Dec-16 22:59:49

Does anyone have any comments about these mattresses? Trying to choose between them and not sure which would be best.
Hovag £230
Hyllestad £300
Hokkasen £450

I think relistically its going to come down to the £230 or £300 one, just based on affordability. Would be interested to hear people's thoughts though.


DandelionAndBedrock Wed 07-Dec-16 23:08:14

We just bought Hovag, but haven't moved yet so it is still rolled up. I tried all of them in the shop and it was my favourite.

If it makes a difference, IKEA have a refund policy of, I think, 90 days. You can exchange the mattress for a different one and just pay the difference if it is more expensive, so I would say get the cheaper one and hope for the best?

JulesJules Thu 08-Dec-16 17:52:12

I'd like to know as well, as we need a new mattress for our Ikea sized bed.
I did test them all in store a while ago, but when I got home all I could remember was that it started with H. Of course they all start with H confused

welshweasel Thu 08-Dec-16 18:00:33

We've got the hyllestad. Returned the first one after less than a year as the springs had collapsed. The replacement seems to be going the same way (we are normal size and not doing anything odd in bed!). I've always been impressed with ikea mattresses before and all the other, cheaper, ones that we bought at the same time have been great.

CushionFiller Thu 08-Dec-16 22:56:28

I guess you're right about the 90 day refund thing. The only problem with that being that the last mattress I bought 2 years ago I thought the same, and planned to rturn it if it wasn't any good.

I hated the mattress and then still failed to take it back like I should have done!

CushionFiller Tue 20-Dec-16 06:23:21

Just a little bump. Going to try and purchase one tomorrow.

Veterinari Tue 20-Dec-16 06:28:01

I bought the Hovag in firm about 18 months ago and it's still going strong. I'm pretty fussy and was worried about spending so little but it's actually one of the comfiest mattresses i've had

NotAMammy Sun 12-Feb-17 15:27:53

Sorry to resurrect a thread, but does anyone know if the IKEA double fits a normal double bed?

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