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arghh..vacuum woes. need upright recommendations

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Gatekeeper Sun 27-Nov-16 16:08:02

Has Miele cylinder two years and I bloody hate the thing. Smells, I hate the hose thing, hate buying bags, bulky, unwieldy and now its started cutting out as well as losing suction.
I'm looking for recommendations for an upright again bagless if you please.
Downstairs is all hard floor apart from a rug. Upstairs is carpeted. I need something that will cope with this and has tools on board. Needs to be under £150

Thank you kindly

Paddingtonthebear Sun 27-Nov-16 16:10:33

Just mentioned on another thread but we've just bought a Shark Rocket which is a corded stick vacuum that also has a pull away hand held bit too. Suction is better than our previous upright Dyson, in my opinion. Bought it on special offer in Dunelm for £119

bingohandjob Sun 27-Nov-16 16:21:07

Sebo Felix - love mine. Sucks like a b@stard.

IminaPickle Sun 27-Nov-16 16:26:26

Shark. Love mine. I got it from Argos, and when I broke it- my fault- they exchanged it with no fuss.

Gatekeeper Sun 27-Nov-16 16:31:57

Two votes for Shark eh? Does it have a decent suction on hard floor without blowing out?

Paddingtonthebear Sun 27-Nov-16 16:37:20

3 things that may put you off the Shark Rocket, there are different models, ours is the HV300 but I assume they are all similar. 1) It is corded and the cord does not auto rewind, as it's a stick vacuum you have to wind the cord back around the handles. 2) it's quite loud, especially on wood floor. 3) Ours has no onboard storage for the accessories.

But I think the suction and handling is superior. Also comes with 5 year warranty.

Gatekeeper Mon 28-Nov-16 09:16:46

not bothered about the cord not rewinding but I need tools onboard

anymore suggestions or recommendations Please smile

FrostNixon Sat 03-Dec-16 18:38:44

This is pretty hardcore so trust me, it's not for everyone. But if you really want to spend a LOT of time reading about vacuum cleaners, then ladies and gentleman, I give you the sub-reddit on them:

Word of warning - this can become something of a guilty pleasure - but only if you let it!

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