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Smelly bathroom!

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oxcat1 Thu 24-Nov-16 16:54:31

I live in a lower Ground Floor Flat, and the bathroom is at the very back, with just a small window in the slightly-separated toilet section. It is dark, cold and prone to damp - just a bit grim really! To make it worse, I currently have the cat litter tray in a corner, which does save the rest of the house from the smell, but makes the bathroom even more unpleasant.

Have you any ideas how I could make it more pleasant, and any recommendations for a strong but neutral air freshener (not a spray) that will deal with the smells? It is a rented property, with no plug sockets in the bathroom so I am pretty limited as to what I can do. I put down a couple of cheap but cheerful bath mats from Argos to use as a rug to try and warm the floor a bit, but I am not sure how to make it any more cosy, or how to deal with the smells?


lbanks Thu 24-Nov-16 17:54:21

As there are no plug sockets in the bathroom and there is damp in there you need something like a moisture absorber that will soak up all the damp and clean the air up, that will help get rid of the smells in there. It's a stand alone product and can easily be filled.

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