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Flea infestation!

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moneyteam Tue 22-Nov-16 09:31:01

We've got a lovely cat but my lord she attracts fleas like I've never known a cat to do before! Argh!

I've been eaten alive last night so stripped the beds put sheets in a hot wash & took duvets & pillows to laundrette. Hoovered thoroughly & treated carpets & sofas with flea spray.

Any ideas what else I can do? & how to treat the cat? She's had frontline spot on but done nothing. I'm on the verge of trying to Bath the poor thing haha

HIJK11 Tue 22-Nov-16 11:00:43

Use this flea treatment this will get rid of the fleas once and for all. My cat use to attract loads of fleas at one point and it was a pain getting rid of them.

roseteapot101 Tue 22-Nov-16 11:22:23

you need to use a different monthly flea treatment or you will have this problem use advantage very good and affordable get from amazon.Frontline is now useless the fleas are immune. Unfortunately you cant use another monthly flea treatment as you just treated.Wait a month try another then treat the home again.

For now comb the cat every day with a metal toothed nit comb and pop the fleas as soon as you find them

To treat home

get animals/people out the house for a day,ensure all is tidy

Boil wash all bedding (you did right thing)

spray all soft furnishings

set off flea bombs one in each room

make sure all windows are closed and leave house for a few hours.Come back open all windows and clean all surfaces.Clean anything that you eat off or the cat eats off.Vacuum and throw away.Make sure you vacuum every day for a week.


Magstermay Wed 23-Nov-16 22:21:20

After 3-4 weeks treat the cat with Advantage or get something from the vet, avoid frontline!
You do need to treat the house too as pp mentioned. Bear in mind that most household sprays will not treat all stages of the lifecycle so as adult fleas hatch in your home (lovely) they will be killed by the products, but you will continue to see them for a few weeks until they've all hatched - it didn't mean the treatment isn't working.

Also, fleas carry tapeworm so treat your cat with Drontal, or get a suitable product from your vet.

Hope that makes sense - sleep deprived!

MigsSlippers Thu 24-Nov-16 18:55:16

If it's horrendous it might be worth getting pest control to spray round the edges of your rooms.

Otherwise get some superduper spray from your vet. Fleas tend to hang out at the edges of rooms where wall meets floor, cat beds etc of course and sometimes bottom margins of sofas if it's awful. They tend to live there and migrate to warm bodies when they're about, especially at night because you're in the same spot a long time. So target spraying at edges and cat areas. We used to sleep in long sleeved pjs, leggings tucked into socks - as covered up as poss.

Maybe try a different spot on for your cat because your fleas might be resistant to the current treatment.

Badcat666 Thu 24-Nov-16 19:03:20

Hi Money!

I had this earlier in the year and I used Indorex Flea Spray (got it off Amazon), one spray round soft furnishings, under furniture and beds etc killed all the little buggers and you only have to use it once a year!

My badcats now get monthly flea spot treatment.

We are free!!!! Free from the little bitey sods.

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