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Bathroom mould

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thegreenmile Tue 22-Nov-16 09:28:18

Hi, I have a small amount of black mould on my bathroom ceiling. I want to repaint as its unsightly, but do I need to treat it first? I'd like to avoid using chemicals as I have young children in the house and not good ventilation, which is probably why we have mould in the first place! Or can I just buy anti mould paint and paint right over it?

dementedpixie Tue 22-Nov-16 09:30:04

I would use a bleach spray first to see if you can remove it as it would just show through paint. You need more ventilation too or it will come back

marzipananimal Tue 22-Nov-16 09:32:05

I think you're supposed to treat it first with diluted bleach but I'm no expert. We need to sort out our bathroom too. I've bought a squeegee and a microfibre cloth for drying the bath and shower with every day, it gets rid of so much water!

halcyondays Tue 22-Nov-16 09:38:13

I'd spray it with HG mould spray first, it's great stuff. You can get it from Amazon or Lakeland.

HIJK11 Tue 22-Nov-16 10:54:58

Give the ceiling a spray with HG mould spray and then scrub it off with a scrubber. the smell of this spray is not too strong so it should be safe around the kids.

Catcrazy08 Tue 22-Nov-16 11:11:19

We have a very old house with no central heating and can be prone to mould. I put neat bleach on a cloth and wipe it over the mould, gone in minutes, I find it easier to keep on top of it rather than letting it spread. Used mould spray in the past and found it expensive and didn't work as well as bleach

TheLionQueen Tue 22-Nov-16 20:27:35

I wanted to ask this too so thanks for posting OP.
I looked at some mould spray today but when compared ingredients to bleach it was exactly the same (I couldn't find the usual polycell stuff I buy). I've bleached a bit of it so far and will see how it fares.
Once I've treated it and sorted ventilation I want to repaint, can anyone recommend a good long lasting, durable paint?

wowfudge Wed 23-Nov-16 07:52:37

No point treating the symptoms and not the cause. Do you open the window after baths and showers? Can you get an extractor fitted?

seasidesally Wed 23-Nov-16 21:41:47

use them damp traps you get them from the pound shop

i hide mine behind a plant and change monthly and get no damp

i do have small bathroom so you my need two or three

EssentialHummus Wed 23-Nov-16 21:43:43

HG or Dettol Mould and Mildew does wonders.

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