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dishwasher tips and tricks

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FallingApartAtTheSeamsAgain Sat 19-Nov-16 09:32:15

I'll be getting a dishwasher installed this week and I'm super excited!

Is there any wisdom you can share?

Do I really need to rinse every plate and spoon before putting it in?! ( This is what the plumber has said!)

What else can i wash in there apart from dishes of course!

Which tablets are good/ value for money?

How often do I need to clean it out?

I can't wait to start using it!

dementedpixie Sat 19-Nov-16 09:37:04

No they don't need rinsing but do scrape food off first. My favourite tablets are fairy but I only buy them on offer (home bargains tend to have them cheaper too). I use salt and rinse aid alongside the tablets as it gives a better wash result. I use own brand dishwasher salt/rinse aid. I clean filters when I remember or when the wash result deteriorates.

PinkSwimGoggles Sat 19-Nov-16 09:41:50

no rinsing, but scrape food off.
in a hard water area you need salt in addition to 'all in one' products, but separate poeder/rinse aid/salt is cheaper.
filter needs cleaning out once a month or so.

bookbook Sat 19-Nov-16 09:42:55

I use Fairy Platinum all in one tablets. I don't use rinse aid, but do make sure the salt is kept topped up.
I scrape everything, but I don't rinse. Once a week I clean out the filter , and about once a month I run through a dishwasher cleaner thing too.
We do have a lot of spare mugs and cutlery though, as I only run it when its full smile

alloutofnameideas Sat 19-Nov-16 09:44:27

I always found Aldi tablets to be the best. And EVERYTHING can go in!!!!! I miss my dishwasher. Have done 12 months without it (7 of us in the house) and really looking to getting a new one when we move house after Christmas!!

Monkeyface26 Sat 19-Nov-16 09:50:04

You're not in the USA are you? Here in the U.K., I don't know anyone who rinses anything except perhaps the worst burnt on stuff but we have family in the USA & spend a few weeks there each summer and everyone seems to rinse everything and, when I have loaded up and not done it, I've ended up with dishes coming out dirty.
Even in the U.K., I rinse mashed potato saucepan or glasses all seem to get a light coating of potato.

RitaCrudgington Sat 19-Nov-16 09:59:57

Never pay full price for branded dishwasher tablets. They're one of those products which is on "special offer" for at least 75% of the time, so either stock up then (which means always restocking them a couple of weeks before you run out so you're not forced to buy them on the one day a year they're RRP) or buy Lidl/Aldi own brand.

CurlyhairedAssassin Sat 19-Nov-16 10:00:04

Yes I like Aldi tablets the best too.

Egg-based dishes taint everything else.

FallingApartAtTheSeamsAgain Sat 19-Nov-16 10:10:37

Oh thank you! Some great tips!

I'm in the UK! When I booked the plumber he was like why in earth are you wasting money on a dishwasher for?!

Could it handle say a porridge pan or is that something I'll have to do myself?

bookbook Sat 19-Nov-16 10:29:42

I soak porridge/mashed potato pans first - just until I am tidying away, then pop them in the dishwasher ( same for the potato masher). And yes - the tablets are always on BOGOF , so thats when I buy mine.
I couldn't live without a dishwasher - we have had them for about 15 years now.

AuntieStella Sat 19-Nov-16 10:39:41

Things that dry on hard - like weetabix - are worth soaking to soften.

DearTeddyRobinson Sat 19-Nov-16 13:55:27

Don't put sharp knives, or anything wooden in.
The action of the dishwasher bangs the knives off other cutlery and causes damage.
The hot water will eventually split the wood glares at DH.
Soak potato/weetabix/stuck-on stuff before you put it in.
We actually use powder not tablets as you can adjust the amount you use, depending on whether it's a long or short cycle. It works out cheaper for us.

RitaCrudgington Sat 19-Nov-16 14:16:56

You can put sharp knives in if you put them in flat they won't knock into anything, and where you won't accidentally pick them up bare handed.

FallingApartAtTheSeamsAgain Sat 19-Nov-16 14:18:39

I have a cutlery tray so I think knives should be ok?

DearTeddyRobinson Sat 19-Nov-16 15:23:48

Ooh I dream of a cutlery drawer! sad case

Mcchickenbb41 Sat 19-Nov-16 18:14:47

Sod what the plumber thinks dw are life changing. I adore mine and have had one now for about 12 years. The one thing I really love, is the fact you never have washing up on the side. It keeps your kitchen really tidy. With regards to rinsing first I do do this if we've had bolognaise or curry as they can dye the baby teats I put in. Also as pp said I always soak porridge bowls as that stuff is like cement. There are things your not meant to put in my kitchen knives are one of them which I don't. However wooden utensils I buy really cheap so u don't care. Copper bottomed pans aren't meant to go in either. I run a finish cleaner about once a month and as pp said never buy branded tablets full price there always on offer. Fairy platinum are the best imo Enjoy op !!!

Mcchickenbb41 Sat 19-Nov-16 18:16:55

Although everyone I know who goes to aldi gets theirs and they are meant to be really good

Mcchickenbb41 Sat 19-Nov-16 18:19:36

Oh and I've learnt on here always let machine run its full cycle. Don't empty through the drying part as apparently it messes up machine. Although Iv never done this myself but thought it was a good tip

jellyshoeswithdiamonds Sat 19-Nov-16 21:47:10

As said, buy tablets on offer.
My tip would be to learn to load, to teach family how to load and to say to family when they get up from table after meal "dishes in the washer".

My lot know how I want my washer loader (to get the most in, so its clean but also so its quicker to unload) hubby a bit slower on the uptake tho.

I fill mine during the day put it to go overnight (have a delayed start) and empty first thing while my kettle boils for my first cuppa of the morning.

In my new kitchen I wanted two dishwashers I got overruled.

GeorgeTheThird Sat 19-Nov-16 21:53:23

Train everyone NOW to put the dishes in the machine not on top of it for you the fairies to do.

Things I don't dishwash-
Sharp knives
Wine glasses
Non stick pans
Roasting dishes

Things I rinse -
Porridge pans and bowls
Anything burnt on

We live in a soft water area. This makes a difference. I use the Aldi tablets (the more expensive magnum ones).

LowDudgeon Sat 19-Nov-16 22:05:33

I rinse everything first, in the sink. Used to use Aldi Magnum but have recently tried these Fairy ones from B&M & am very impressed - just over 10p a tablet. Water is soft here & I don't bother with salt or rinse aid; with Magnum things stayed quite wet, they come out dry with Fairy.

Roasting tins & sticky saucepans get a soak & a bit of a scour before they go in. I know it seems counter-intuitive to wash things before they go in but you do end up with properly clean stuff.

My Bosch d/w has a cutlery basket in the bottom; knives & spoons go in handle up, forks go in tines up to stop them poking out of the bottom & possibly fouling the lower arm. 2 of the sections have a higher base & I put pointy knives etc in there for the same reason.

When the machine is loaded & reDy to go I always give the arms a twirl to make sure nothing's in the way.

dementedpixie Sat 19-Nov-16 22:09:11

If you're going to rinse them in the sink first , why not just wash them in there?! There's no need to rinse as the detergent needs something to work on.

LowDudgeon Sat 19-Nov-16 22:09:29

I only ever wash on the quick cycle, 30 mins & not very hot - put wooden spoons flat in the top basket & haven't split one yet (years later!)

LisaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 19-Nov-16 22:14:59

A few words on dishwashers.... firstly the BEST thing I have ever, ever spent money on, and yes, that includes chocolate. You will never look back and your life will be one heck of a lot easier with one. Just a few tips. We don't rinse anything except heavily soiled things but you should always put the spoons and forks in with the tines/scoopy bit facing downwards, not upwards. Also, be careful of large platters/plates that could stop the dishwasher blades going round! And finally, did you know that a dishwasher is more eco than washing things in a sink - so a totally guilt-free pleasure (unlike chocolate!)

previously1474907171 Sun 20-Nov-16 04:28:59

I have just replaced the cutlery basket due to putting forks in with the tines down. They poke through the holes and when you pull the bottom rack out they catch on the edge, and have ripped the bottom of the plastic.

I am now using one with a foldy-over bit on each side with a section for each piece of cutlery which is fiddly so have half folded over the top and half not and am carefully putting the items in according to whether they fit in the holes or not.

I have a knife rack at the top too.

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