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I think I've been a complete ninny... (carpet related)

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QuimReaper Thu 17-Nov-16 18:12:34

So my mum's elderly dog has started peeing on the carpet. Reading around I found that apparently once they've started doing it they can smell their own pee and are more likely to carry on, if you don't completely eliminate the smell, so I bought a bottle of "Rug Doctors Urine Eliminator".

The instructions said to thoroughly wet the area and then place a damp towel over it and allow to dry naturally, helpfully adding "enzymes need moisture to work".

So I set about with a huge jug of water pouring a sort of water path along the hallway carpet in the worst trouble-zone, sprayed the stuff... and then I re-read the instructions: "Thoroughly wet the area allowing product to penetrate to the carpet backing - I think I was supposed to "thoroughly wet" the area with the spray, not chuck a gallon of water over it before spraying it blush

Will it even work now, if it ever dries?


SuePerkins Thu 17-Nov-16 19:07:43

Sounds like it might have been diluted down too much to have an effect to be honest. Perhaps try again once it's dry? In the meantime, dehumidifier and lots of old towels on it?

wooooofudge Thu 17-Nov-16 19:12:44

Isn't Rug Doctor stuff supposed to be used with a Rug Doctor machine?! Anyway, get some old towel, fold them, put them over the wet area and walk up and down on them to absorb the excess moisture.

QuimReaper Thu 17-Nov-16 20:24:39

Oh bugger I've wasted half the sodding bottle on it!

wooooo not according to the instructions...

God I am such a noob!

wooooofudge Fri 18-Nov-16 08:00:16

I stand corrected - sounds like it's the same as the Simple Solution stuff which does the same thing. Just swab up what you can to avoid soggy carpet.

Fwiw our dog used to do this, sadly he's no longer with us, and I got a Bissell Little Green carpet cleaner from Amazon for clearing up - it's a spot cleaner for spills, etc. Great for getting the pee out of the carpet. I would then treat it with the enzyme stuff.

We did replace the carpet, but I can honestly say it wasn't stained or smelly.

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