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How to deep clean white painted wooden floor

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almostenglish Thu 17-Nov-16 13:34:03

We've moved into a new house and the previous owners were total slobs who cleaned nothing on departure (and so it seems for weeks/months).

The lovely white painted wooden floors that we saw during the viewing are now filthy. I've managed to scrub the hallway back to a whitish colour but it took me hours and I've got a few more rooms to go...

Any ideas to make this process more efficient?

wooooofudge Thu 17-Nov-16 14:13:33

Try sugar soap - you can get it in a trigger spray - and make sure you wear gloves as it will dry your hands out otherwise. It's good on stubborn dirt and anything greasy and has no chemical smell.

almostenglish Fri 18-Nov-16 10:17:31

Thanks. Would you use it neat then? I saw on another thread people talking about various brushes, what's the best one? A nail brush would take forever surely!

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