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Non-terry bath towels?

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pennycarbonara Mon 14-Nov-16 15:16:25

There are peshtemals (hammam towels) and linen towels, but both are relatively expensive, £12-20 each.

Having to replace some towels soon, and I've been thinking about getting non-terry ones, because they take up less space in the house and in the washing machine, they will dry more quickly and lack of tumble drying won't make as much difference to the texture as with terry towels.

But as this is not a very mainstream thing, I've no idea how to find other, potentially cheaper types, or what they might be called. Like a bath sized towel made of good quality tea towel cotton. Or cotton waffle like bathrobes. That seems more likely to stand up to 60 degree washes, and I'm not convinced the hammam towels do.
Looking for natural fabric not microfibre.

Not sure if this is even the right board. Better on ethical living?

pennycarbonara Mon 14-Nov-16 18:45:46

In case it's of use to anyone else, almost the only cotton waffle towels I've found so far without one terry side were these:

Still a bit expensive, but not eyewateringly so like the Conran ones I also noticed.

wooooofudge Mon 14-Nov-16 22:20:10

You can buy pestemals on eBay and Amazon and TKMaxx often have them in, but not in very exciting colours. I've got several and think they are great in summer, for taking away and to the gym, etc. Genuine pestemals are only ever cotton or linen or a mixture of those two. There's a British company called Towan who sell them - beautiful quality and lovely colours though more expensive.

FrogFairy Tue 15-Nov-16 00:13:56

Waffle ham am towels at Soak and Sleep but they advise washing at 40 degrees. I don't have them but like the look of them.

sleepingbeauty27 Tue 15-Nov-16 11:30:30

You can pick up some lovely Pestemal bath towels from here at really good prices.

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