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Stainless Steel

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facepalming Sun 13-Nov-16 20:20:34

Please give me everything you know about keeping it clean!

I have a new range cooker and it's giving me a nightmare !

TheSnorkMaidenReturns Sun 13-Nov-16 20:23:06

Clean spills straight away, and polish with oil and then a microfibre cloth.

facepalming Sun 13-Nov-16 20:35:04

Thanks the snork. Any particular oil?

SpeckledyBanana Sun 13-Nov-16 20:35:55

I use baby oil on kitchen towel on our steel splashback.

facepalming Sun 13-Nov-16 20:37:12

thank you! I've tried staibless steel cleaner but can't get it streak free. Will give baby oil a go!

RandomMess Sun 13-Nov-16 20:37:17

WD40 is good too!

SpeckledyBanana Sun 13-Nov-16 20:39:59

Random, does WD40 leave a smell?

RandomMess Sun 13-Nov-16 20:50:52

A bit I guess but DH loves it...

RandomMess Sun 13-Nov-16 20:55:15

Those magic erasers are good for the cleaning part too, gave it a go and worked really well.

SpeckledyBanana Sun 13-Nov-16 20:56:13

Wondered, as baby oil does. It doesn't last long though.

SpeckledyBanana Sun 13-Nov-16 20:57:09

Magic erasers are brilliant at everything. Never thought to try them on ss though, might try that.

Kidnapped Sun 13-Nov-16 21:00:40

I like the Method Stainless Steel Cleaner on our oven.

Doesn't streak and smells lovely.

facepalming Sun 13-Nov-16 21:01:18

I've been scrubbing like mad at it with a microfibre cleaning cloth for Windows and that's helped but it's still not streak free!

will be heading for baby oil in the am.

When I worked in a kitchen many moons ago we always used ajax powder on the steel but it doesn't seem to be around anymore!

RandomMess Sun 13-Nov-16 21:19:36

Have you tried barkeeper friend? I haven't but it's amazing on my induction hob.

The magic eraser was amazing though - just from the £1 shop!

SpeckledyBanana Sun 13-Nov-16 21:49:25

Nope <adds to shopping list>

buffalobill Mon 14-Nov-16 07:21:56

Wellco do a lovely cleaner that i use to clean my cooker and it always leaves my cooker sparkling!

Molecule Mon 14-Nov-16 07:30:33

I can second Bar Keepers Friend, possibly just Ajax in more expensive packaging. I do think that some of the problems maybe down to the quality/finish of the stainless steel. My hob is eleven years old and still looks like new, most it needs is a quick finish with a tea towel after wiping, but my sister's hob looked grim after a few months. I am not especially houseproud so don't spend ages cleaning the thing either.

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