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Best Vacuum Cleaner

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Creamcrackered1 Thu 10-Nov-16 11:24:41

Hi there,

Our Dyson just died and we're in the middle of moving house so we're looking for a new vac. Any recommendations?

Thanks smile

mikeyssister Thu 10-Nov-16 17:06:14

I've just bought a new Henry and I love love love it.

buttermecup Thu 10-Nov-16 17:11:25

I really like my Miele. It's a bit cumbersome on stairs but brilliant on hard floors and carpet.

Creamcrackered1 Thu 10-Nov-16 22:07:47

Thank you! smile

Washthedishesmaggie Thu 10-Nov-16 22:15:23

Not the cordless Dyson. It doesn't do the edges. angryangryangry

rabbit123 Sat 12-Nov-16 20:57:15

Depends what you're looking for. We've got a Sebo upright that's over 20 years old. It was a hand-me-down from my in laws and I've never used anything that cleans as well

enkiman Sun 13-Nov-16 01:57:46

I've had a VAX upright bagless vacuum cleaner for a couple of years now and it's a great all round cleaner. Really good on hard floors and carpets.

JontyDoggle37 Sun 13-Nov-16 02:37:28

Our cleaner recommended we get a Dyson Animal upright - she uses a number of different ones at different houses and says this is the best on carpet/wood floors and animal hair.

bouncydog Sun 13-Nov-16 18:43:41

On 3rd dyson animal - nothing wrong with the machine - first one is 15 years old - had it rebuilt for £80 when we bought the second one. Have just bought the new dyson animal ball as I smashed the second one during building works! The ball takes a bit of getting used to but the cleaning is amazing - have been warned not to use it on Amtico flooring though because the bristles are stiff and may cause minor scratching.

sleepingbeauty27 Mon 14-Nov-16 07:40:18

I got a Duronic VC7, had one for about two years now and it's a really good hoover. Fantastic product. The suction is a lot more powerful that you would expect for the price

Follyfoot Mon 14-Nov-16 07:44:51

Sebo here. Best I've ever used, and I'll never go back to Dyson now.

pauliengen Fri 21-Jul-17 10:53:45

I feel like I can help you. I was also planning to buy a vacuum. I have heard something called replacement vacuum bags. It consists of HEPA filters which provides good filtering qualities and meet OEM specifications. My friend have told me about this. Hope this would be useful to you.

SophieGiroux Fri 21-Jul-17 10:54:32

Miele cat and dog is the best I've tried and amazing customer service.

GeneandFred Sun 23-Jul-17 02:44:51

Sebo X4.

I'm a part time cleaner and this is the best hoover I've ever used and I've used most types.

bingohandjob Wed 26-Jul-17 06:22:00

Sebo Felix. Bagged cleaners are better. I hated my Dyson.

Fayrazzled Wed 26-Jul-17 06:30:30

Another vote for the Sebo- brilliant!

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