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Why is my washing machine flashing on a frost button?

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Bluebellmountains Thu 27-Oct-16 17:31:37

Moved house today. Went to put a wash on and the machine worked up until a point, and then it stops and flashes on a frost like button. I have no idea what the button means. The clothes are soaking wet so I've tried a spin or a different wash cycle but the same thing just keeps happening. Any ideas?

moglovespumpkins Thu 27-Oct-16 17:32:44

What make is it?

Bluebellmountains Thu 27-Oct-16 17:38:04

It's a candy grand plus

moglovespumpkins Thu 27-Oct-16 17:38:55

A quick google suggested it might be a draining problem if it's a candy? That was what came up. Maybe google then try YouTube for a fix if you're confident with DIY stuff? Or hopefully someone will come on here who knows about these things. Hope you get it sorted smile

moglovespumpkins Thu 27-Oct-16 17:40:45

Oh and happy new home! flowerswinecake

fluffiphlox Thu 27-Oct-16 17:41:32

Can you find the instructions online? If it is a drainage problem, try unkinking the outlet hose.

Bluebellmountains Thu 27-Oct-16 19:55:43

Thank you, I read your replies a little too late. Just after my mum opened the washing machine door and water poured out! Oops.

Missingsleepandthecat Fri 28-Oct-16 13:55:14

Check the pump, it may be blocked or where the machine drains may be clogged, its a pita when this happens!
P.s, its a cold wash button smile HTH

moglovespumpkins Fri 28-Oct-16 13:57:24

Oh heck! Have you got it sorted now?

Piffpaffpoff Fri 28-Oct-16 13:58:48

Is it a brand new house and did you bring the machine with you? The draining pipe may need to be uncapped or something. Ours had a cap on it so the machine couldn't drain. Took us 4 days and a £50 call out fee to discover that...

Piffpaffpoff Fri 28-Oct-16 13:59:55

That's the draining pipe that is already in the house, that you connect the machine to.

dementedpixie Sat 29-Oct-16 20:41:40

That button is the cold wash button and may be unrelated to the problem with your machine

dementedpixie Sat 29-Oct-16 20:50:33

I would check that pipes are not kinked and that the filter is clear

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