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The perfect peg...

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Flamesparrow Sat 10-Feb-07 09:46:59

What would your perfect peg be made out of to minimise marks, and be able to leave out in the rain??

Flamesparrow Sat 10-Feb-07 09:48:28

Not just odd... research

WanderingTrolley Sat 10-Feb-07 09:55:02


fortyplus Sat 10-Feb-07 09:57:35

Why would you leave pegs out in the rain?
If it's going to rain I stuff everything in the tumble dryer.
Very happy with good old fashioned wooden pegs, thank you.

shouldbedoingthehousework Sat 10-Feb-07 10:01:19

these are great

Flamesparrow Sat 10-Feb-07 10:03:30

Oooh now they could work!

I use wooden, bring them in with me, the odd freak bit of rain when the washing is out isn't an issue.

Was talking on a nappy site though about people leaving pegs out by mistake, them going manky and having to buy more, and they were discussing needing the perfect peg, possibly able to buy with the nappies

(yes, nappy addicts are worrying people )

shouldbedoingthehousework Sat 10-Feb-07 10:18:16

I use them and leave them out all summer in a peg basket by the line (lazy!) - have had them since ds was a baby so 3 years now...may need to replace them this summer cos the little metal springs are starting to rust. Previously used to use wooden pegs but was always leaving them out by mistake...other plastic pegs never seem to last v well either but these have been great

notapushy1 Tue 13-Feb-07 22:38:41

How about these charming, aesthetically-pleasing pegs?

satinshoes Wed 14-Feb-07 08:14:54

i have the same as shouldbe but got them from asda a few years ago i think. they're great and get left out all summer.

Pannacotta Wed 14-Feb-07 16:10:10

Also have the same lakeland ones and they are def the best I have ever tried. J Lewis also sell them sim price I think, they are quite pretty too!

WorldsBestPegs1 Thu 16-Mar-17 06:37:24

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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