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Communication issues with my cleaner!

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motherofallhens Wed 26-Oct-16 11:29:39

Hi everyone,

Just wondered if people had a view on how to handle this as I am clearly not doing a great job! We have a cleaner who has been coming to us for about 6 months. In general, we’re happy with her work but where the odd issue comes up I find it very hard to get her to do what I want! Only silly things but it’s a bit frustrating.

The latest thing is that she has started putting toilet freshener down the loo. I have asked her not to do this & explained that we have a septic tank & I am therefore very careful about which cleaning products we use. However, she has now gone out & bought some toilet freshener of her own & has been using that each week.

On the one hand, I should obviously be grateful that she cares so much about her job she is spending her own money on buying products for my house. But on the other, she is ignoring what I’ve told her. Like I say, not a big deal, but I don’t like putting unnecessary chemicals into the tank & I also don’t like to come back to a house that smells like a Glastonbury Portaloo!

There have a been a few other issues like this & when I’ve tried to raise them with her she gets defensive & is off with me afterwards. I’m reluctant to lose her & I know I will struggle to find another cleaner as we live miles from anywhere. So does anyone have any suggestions for how to get her to do what I ask without upsetting her! Or am I being too fussy?!

Thanks! xxx

Gracie50 Thu 27-Oct-16 20:03:03

Hi I'm a domestic cleaner. I think you need to be more assertive, remember it's your home and you are paying her for a service.
It's important not to put too many chemicals down a septic tank especially if you have a soak away.
May be ask her why she insists on putting air fresheners down the toilet.... and ignoring you!! There are other cleaners out there. Don't put up with bad behaviour!.....

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