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Stainless steel pans with metal, domed lids?

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pennycarbonara Sun 23-Oct-16 09:51:22

I am probably going to have to replace pans in the near future as they are pitted and some have layers of the lining worn through.
The price inflation is horrifying because it's so long since I looked at pans, when you could get a decent set of 3 or 4 for £25-30.

I'm also frustrated by the lids.
A lot have glass lids, which are more annoying to clean because stuff gets stuck in the seams and builds up over time.
Even the ones with steel lids, though have flat lids, often without vents. I prefer the ones with a slightly domed lid and some vents in the sides; I've always thought they were better for not letting things get to the stage of overboiling.

This seems to be an unfashionable preference now, for the raised metal /self-coloured lids with vents. Are the changes for practical evidence based reasons I'm unaware of, or is it just a design trend?

And is there anywhere it's possible to get all-steel pots of this design? I may not know where to look as it's not a type of stuff I browse for leisure. Also prefer metal (cool to the touch) handles as I think they are more durable and look better than plastic ones.

pennycarbonara Thu 27-Oct-16 14:46:31

They do exist after all, just a bit more expensive than I hoped:

If they were made in Britain or Europe I might be prepared to stretch to the price of one or two of those, but they almost certainly aren't.

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