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Why is water coming out of the bottom of the tumble dryer?

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stillwantrachelshair Sun 16-Oct-16 20:28:30

I love my tumble dryer and, as I use it a lot, treat it well...empty the fluff filter on the door after every use & the "proper" filter once a week. It's a condensing tumble dryer so I obviously empty the water tank after every use too.
For the past few days, there is a small puddle of water below "the proper" filter each time I use the dryer. Water is collecting in the condenser tank but I don't think it is as much as usual. I have given every filter an extra clean but it has had no effect.
Any ideas?
Thanks in anticipation

BzyB Sun 16-Oct-16 23:36:38

When you say every filter are you including the actual condenser?
Best bet is to read the trouble shooting part of your manual

CurtainsforRonnie Mon 17-Oct-16 03:05:27

What make & model is it?

AmeliaJack Mon 17-Oct-16 03:41:42

Sounds like something is blocked somewhere.

We had this a few years ago. A very nice engineer came and took the dryer apart cleaned it all out and put it back together. It's worked beautifully since. He did say we couldn't have fixed it ourselves.

Lilianne Mon 17-Oct-16 03:58:38

I just had that and there was a big build up of fluff behind the condenser bit. Could reach with my hand and all ok now

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