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What do you use to clean the shower panel?

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sonias27 Fri 14-Oct-16 08:54:20

Any good tips on what to use? It's driving me mad! Takes me forever to scrub the weird marks off! X

6demandingchildren Fri 14-Oct-16 09:30:21

I use a limescale remover or bicarbonate of made into a paste

NonStopNeuroticCabaret Fri 14-Oct-16 09:31:12

Windolene and a microfibre cloth work well for me.

sevenpounds Fri 14-Oct-16 09:40:37

I use Methods daily shower cleaner and a squeegeee works well for me.

paxillin Fri 14-Oct-16 09:43:41

My cleaner puts kitchen towel on, sprays it with vinagar and leaves it stuck on for a while. When she takes it off, the marks are gone.

InTheseFlipFlops Fri 14-Oct-16 09:51:42

Window cleaner with vinegar to keep on top of it.
White vinegar spray when it's bad and Lidl bathroom cleaner.
I use window cleaner on tiles as well.

RatOnnaStick Fri 14-Oct-16 09:54:47

I do the same as sevenpounds. Scrape the glass and tiles after each shower with the squeegee thing and a daily shower cleaner for the tray and shower itself. It's not foolproof though, the lower part of the shower door gets a bit limescaley after a few weeks so then I use viakal spray or similar and have a bit of a scrub. Seems to keep it down for the most part.

BlondiBleach Fri 14-Oct-16 09:55:32

Cillit Bang limescale is amazing. Leave for 20 min & then just rinse it.

I now squeegee everyday but before we did that I honestly feared our shower door was beyond redemption. Cillit Bang Limescale saved the day! grin

wowowowow Sun 16-Oct-16 12:48:16

Squeegee then wipe with microfibre cloth. No chemicals required and my shower looks like the day we bought it.

TheDeskIsMyHome Sun 16-Oct-16 20:58:50

Viakal and method

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