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washing machine fault

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Graeme66 Thu 13-Oct-16 20:31:49

My washing machine just fills up with soap about every 3rd wash. I have run machine on empty and with out pods

Any ideas what may be causing this and can you suggest anything to resolve it

e1y1 Thu 13-Oct-16 20:53:48

Sorry, do you mean you can do about 2 washes fine and then on another wash your machine will fill with too many suds?

This sounds like detergent build up in your machine, after 3 washes or so, there is so much detergent left behind in the machine, so it oversuds.

Do you use pods all the time? I find it really hard to get the dosing right on them (for some loads/fabrics, the pod is just too much detergent).

I love pods as they're convenient, but only use them if I have a decent full load. This is where powder/liquids are really handy as the dose can be adjusted exactly to the load/soil.

If it is soap build up in the machine, I would run an empty hot wash cycle to clean the machine out (you may need to do this 3 or more times, til no more suds are present).

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