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Moth larvae - likely extent of problem?

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sniffle12 Wed 12-Oct-16 14:41:12

The other day I noticed a couple of larvae on a pair of gym pants which I'd discarded on the carpet the day before. Looking at the carpet I was sure I could see at least a couple more although it was dark outside and hard to tell at that point whether they were really moving objects or whether they were just bits of fluff I was imagining were moving in my panic. Obviously freaked out for a while and then googled them and it seemed that what I'd seen could be moth larvae (white bodies with one brown end).

I thoroughly vacuumed the room including under the bed, furniture etc. and washed all the clothes which had been in the wash basket at 60 degrees and changed the bedding. Bought some spray and sprayed all the skirting boards etc. and put a moth repellent in the wardrobe.

I don't think I've seen anything since (for a few days), but what do I need to keep doing to make sure I've really got rid, other than keep vacuuming/spraying/washing things hot? Would a continuing infestation be noticeable or could it easily fly under the radar? Still a bit grossed out understandably having found these things on my pants! We get a fair number of moths in the house in the summer of all shapes and sizes and I always ignore them because (naive perhaps) I didn't think they did any harm!

My carpet and the majority, if not all, of my clothes are synthetic. So although that's lucky as no damage, it's also hard to tell how widespread the problem is, or has been, as I don't have any tell-tale patches of missing carpet or holes in clothes.

Any advice welcome.

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