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Table Top Dishwasher (New 2 This)

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user1476237185 Wed 12-Oct-16 03:00:19

Hey Mommy's & Daddy's,
Hoping I could have a bit of advice. Today out Indesit ICD661 (Table Top Dishwasher) came today, I'm reading the manual but I'm so confused on what's needed? I don't plan to use it till I'm 110% sure.

I live in London, so I assume that the waters hard here, but do I need to use the tablets (please recommend brands), salt and then the rinse soap stuff as well?

Please somebody help me understand this so it's easier to handle the mountain of dishes the family leaves me with.

shovetheholly Wed 12-Oct-16 08:52:16

I assume it's the same as other dishwashers, in which case you need:

1. To set it to the water hardness in your area. (You just do this once, at the start of owning it)
2. To add dishwasher salt (this softens the water). On most models, it goes into a hole on the floor of the dishwasher, with a screw off cap.
3. To add cleaning powder (or a tablet) every time you wash (this is your detergent). In most models this goes in a little clip on the inside door.
4. To add rinse aid, which makes sure that specks of food don't stick to all your things. In most models this goes in another little clip on the inside door.

Confusingly, some tablets have rinse aid built in (I think Fairy Platinum does), while others don't. If you have ones with built-in rinse aid, you don't need to add it.

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