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Help - bleach has turned my whites pink!

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sycamore54321 Mon 10-Oct-16 02:36:13

I have long struggled with keep Mg whites white. I soaked a slightly grotty white cotton t-shirt in a bleach solution and the collar and patches turned pink, so I had to throw it out.

Then having obviously forgotten that lesson, I decided to try to keep my almost-new white sheets as sparkly white as possible. After a few hot whites-only washes, they had already started to look a little faded. So I looked at the washing machine manual and added the correct amount of laundry bleach to the correct compartment and used usual detergent. And now my sheets have just come out with huge pink patches, presumably where they were slightly dirty/sweaty.

Does anyone know what I have been doing wrong? Why has white cotton plus bleach turned pink? Are the sheets salvageable? What should I do now? And how can I get the lovely hotel-linen look and keep nice white laundry white??

sonias27 Mon 10-Oct-16 07:45:15

The only thing i can recommend for you try is Dr.Beckmann Glowhite You might be able to salvage the sheets with this.

Deux Mon 10-Oct-16 07:50:16

No advice. But in future don't use bleach but Napisan.

Napisan has a tiny bit of blue dye in it that counteracts the greyness.

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