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Washer/dryer advice

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brummiesue Sun 09-Oct-16 09:15:17

I have quickly realised I need a dryer but we are on a water meter so am not quite sure of the economics of it all. Am I best to get a combo and if so any recommendations? Or a seperate dryer? Are these cheaper, tia

wowfudge Sun 09-Oct-16 10:20:40

A dryer is not going to affect your water consumption. Vented tumble dryers tend to be the quickest to get things dry. They just need plugging in and venting through the wall or a window. We have a condenser one which is in the cellar. If you want to, you can reuse the water that collects in the tank - for watering plants, in the iron, etc. There are heat pump ones now - I know nothing about them.

If you have a washer dryer you can only have one lot of washing being processed at a time. Washer dryers aren't always capable of drying the whole load they have washed so you have to split it.

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