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Getting Rid of Book Clutter

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FatButFun Sun 09-Oct-16 07:33:02

For each of the past three days I have taken 15 unread books to the charity shop. Many of them have been with me for 5 years or more.

Why? - 1. Many of them have been with me for 5 years or more. 2. To cut back on clutter. 3. I want to see the wood from the trees - I am starting to see the books I will actually read soon.

Why take photos? - To enable me to let go of them without "fear of missing out" I realised that if I grouped them into 3 sets of 5 then I could neat photo of their spines so that if I ever wondered what I had thrown out or wanted to actually read them I had a record - without having to actually write anything down.

Why 15? - 1. Any more would have been too heavy to comfortably carry on my backpack. 2. It was the right number to feel like I have made proper inroads into getting the problem addressed without it being too traumatic.

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