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Wallpaper in cloakroom. Mad idea?

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BoaConstrictor Thu 06-Oct-16 21:23:04

We're about to do a few things to the cloakroom & will need to decorate once it's done. I am keen to wallpaper one of the walls but have heard horrible tales about boys & spraying wee. DS is still at the sitting down to wee stage but I imagine there could be some aim issues at least at first.
Wall choices are:
- wall behind the loo & sink. Probably too awkward as the loo & sink aren't being removed completely;
- wall adjacent to the loo. My initial idea. Would a boy/lad/man spray sideways? The loo is in the corner (not on a diagonal, the cistern is on one wall but it is adjacent to this wall);
- wall opposite the loo. Presumably less risk but as this has doors to a fitted cupboard, there would hardly be any wallpaper.
The fourth wall is mainly taken up with the door.

squiggletea Sat 08-Oct-16 10:40:52

We have tongue and groove at the bottom danger area and wallpaper above

LifeIsGoodish Sat 08-Oct-16 11:02:05

I've got 3 males, the youngest of whom has a penis that wees somewhat sideways. I have never had spray on the walls. On the back of the seat, yes, and dribbles on the front of the loo, yes, but never anywhere else.

No reason not to have paper, but a wipeable one would probably be wise. I have found dubious marks on the wall, possibly from mucky hands trying to balance during wiping.

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