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Can anyone recommend me a vacuum cleaner please?

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Ambivalence Wed 05-Oct-16 10:54:20

I’ve read loads of threads on here, on chat and housekeeping recommending sebos, miele cat and dog and cordless dysons. House is all laminate, with several doormats that need vacuuming (that’s the worst bit as it’s a shoe free house) , carpeted stairs and a (short carpet like) rug in sitting room. No pets but I have long hair, and I have a toddler who likes to throw food. Main dirt seems to be mud and grass, dust and food. I bought this bosch from Robert dyas for £70 (reduced from(170)

which is cutting out and not picking up anything, so need to return it and buy something else

Budget – I don’t mind spending up to maybe £200 for something that will work and last! It’s for a once a week proper clean- in between I’m just sweeping the laminate. I don’t think a cordless is suitable as I want to vacuum a 4 bed house all in one go, so need about 40 minutes charge. The laminate gets steam cleaned with a thane steam mop after so it’s suction that I need, and to get into corners/ edge of walls

I think I’d like to buy from argos as it’s easy for me to collect from there/ return if there are any problems.

Is it true that dysons are rubbish now?

Thanks in advance…

sonias27 Thu 06-Oct-16 08:04:44

I just recently brought a Zanussi upright cleaner for about £50. I tell you what it blows the pants off my last Dyson. I think Dysons just sell on hype really theres much better cleaners out at better much better prices!

Ambivalence Fri 07-Oct-16 17:20:04

Thanks for your reply. I'll check our zanussi, I'm after a cylinder for stairs really...

Radost1 Sun 09-Oct-16 17:20:52

I will recomend Miele and Henry. Miele is not so heavy, but Henry is very strong. Both of them are hoovering well.

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