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Carpet beetle larvae on 9m/o DD's stuff

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SparkleFlutterShy Mon 03-Oct-16 17:59:04

I've been finding hairy/spikey larvae randomly on DD's clothing, even in a clean nappy and just a few minutes ago on a tea towel.

I only moved in to my flat a few weeks ago so I know a beetle must've clung on to my stuff and entered my home that way.

They're so gross and I'm disgusted to have found them on DD's clothes. I clean my floors with bleach everyday because DD makes a mess eating and the only room in my flat with carpet is the bedroom which is quite small. I don't want t call in pest control as I can't afford it.

Are these little arseholes common. I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't have a baby. I'm worried they make make her ill.

user1474907171 Tue 04-Oct-16 01:08:19

They will have originally flown in and the 'woolly bears' are now appearing, possibly due to heating being on. They tend to live in cracks of floorboards and around skirting, are not harmful (do not bite) but might affect allergies although that is fairly rare.

The healthy and natural way to get rid of them is to puff a fine layer of diatomaceous earth, food grade into all cracks, and over the floors and leave it for a few days. Then sweep it up and dust, try to leave it in cracks. Sweep rather then Hoover as the dust will clog the vac.

Try not to do all rooms at the same time as you might want to keep baby away from it, it is a very fine powder and is not unhealthy but best not inhaled more than is necessary. It is much healthier than using a chemical spray.

You can buy various quantities of DE online. It is also good for fleas in the home or on pets.

SparkleFlutterShy Wed 05-Oct-16 17:04:34

Thank you for the reply. Ordered some and its come through. I've lined a couple of my rooms and distributed some cedar wood blocks around the flat also.

Hopefully the buggers disappear very soon smile

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