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Best vacum for thick carpets please...

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Whereareyouscooter Mon 03-Oct-16 10:40:33

We've recently got new carpets on the stairs, landing and bedrooms and i can't push my Dyson on it, even on the highest setting. It's great on our downstairs hard floors but I'm desperate to hoover upstairs but I just can't budge the Dyson. Even my DH finds it impossible. The carpets are incredibly thick and plush...can anyone recommend a vacum that would work please?

e1y1 Wed 05-Oct-16 22:41:07

I have a Miele upright and that deals great with my thick carpets.

sonias27 Thu 06-Oct-16 07:52:41

We've just brought a lovely Zanuusi upright vacuum cleaner and it works a treat on our downstairs carpet and they are really thick.

Hope this helps :-)

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