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Washing machine - which is more economical and/or environmentally friendly?

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WilLiAmHerschel Tue 27-Sep-16 12:18:24

Asking mostly out of curiosity... (because my life is that interesting.)

A faster, hotter wash or a longer wash at a lower temperature?

DrDreReturns Tue 27-Sep-16 12:19:39

I always thought a longer wash at a lower temperature was more economical. I read somewhere that's why modern machines take longer to do a wash.

Cindy34 Tue 27-Sep-16 12:22:34

A lot are cold feed only now, so I would guess that hot washes are more costly.

The manual will often say which cycles have been rated for efficiency.

NannyR Tue 27-Sep-16 12:27:07

I think a longer 40 degree is more economical and environmentally sound as it uses less water and less energy as it slowly heats up a smaller amount of water.

PinkSwimGoggles Tue 27-Sep-16 12:29:43

long and colder (usually) check the manual there should be a section on water and electricity use.

WilLiAmHerschel Tue 27-Sep-16 13:22:55

Thanks, that's useful to know.

shovetheholly Wed 28-Sep-16 07:54:46

My 'eco' setting washes cooler for longer. I think there is less shushing around of the clothes too?

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