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Organising toys

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PolkadotRosa Sun 25-Sep-16 10:42:08

I'm mid way through sorting (and disposing of/donating) the children's toys and I'm thinking about the best way to store and organise them. They stayed with their grand-parents last night so I've been able to make a good uninterrupted start!
We've got three LO's so as you can imagine toys are everywhere. We don't have a playroom, and the two oldest (6 and 3yrs) share.
We've got an ikea Kallax, a big wicker chest and a trofast but everything's just been chucked in randomly up to now. There's a tub in the lounge too, full of all sorts. Ideally I'd like to move the wicker chest out of the bedroom as it's in the way.

Any suggestions how to effectively declutter/store/organise to make the toys/games etc accessible and tidy would be most welcome! Thank yousmile

BzyB Sun 25-Sep-16 16:00:21

Maybe start with a toy rotation kinda thing but the kids need to ask for particular toys? Leave out down open ended play toys (eg Lego or wooden blocks) and what you know is their favourites and go from there?
Don't buy any storage til you see what's actually being kept!

PolkadotRosa Sun 25-Sep-16 16:35:59

Thanks BzyB!
I was thinking about rotating some toys. How long is it recommended to keep them out before swapping?

I've got rid of lots so far, mostly crappy McD's toys, broken things and outgrown stuff. I've tried to group things together, like playdoh stuff, playfood/teasets, cars etc - still in see-through bags at the mo, but hopefully soon I can store them in an orderly fashion!

BzyB Mon 26-Sep-16 00:02:37

I wouldn't even offer to swap. I'd wait til they asked for something and ask them what toy can go for a rest while this other one is out. You'll soon discover what they like the most and what holds the attention. Rest can go if not asked for in 3 months time.
Obvious exception is toys being kept for younger siblings in s year or two.
If your youngest are too young to ask ( pre-verbal) then swap weekly, taking away ones that aren't played with at all and putting new things in. Once the pile gets bigger then actually rotate the most played with toys weekly or fortnightly.

I leave out dd2s kitchen, dolls stuff- pram etc, small world stuff (like little animals) wooden blocks and dressing up. We swap out jigsaws, books, craft materials and the dolls house vs the farm set on roughly a weekly timescale.
Play dough, paint and messy stuff is kept in the kitchen and used a few times a week so never made it into toy rotation!

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