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callycat1 Sat 24-Sep-16 21:17:17

There are mice in DHs apartment! I've seen droppings.

What's the best way of getting rid without putting Cally and Shelley the cats there for a week?!

gamerchick Sat 24-Sep-16 21:20:13

spring traps and make sure there place is really clean so they go for the bait.

We've got one as well, there's just the one as far as I can tell and it's a brave little fucker considering I have a cat and a snake. If there are free roaming animals in there put the traps in a box with a hole so they don't catch themselves.

DefinitelyNotRuth Sat 24-Sep-16 21:37:46

Nutella on a spring trap... We used to live in an old farm house and this got them every time!

pennygoodlife Mon 26-Sep-16 23:03:00

Peanut butter works too, find where they are coming in - they can get through spaces the width of a biro!

AmandaK11 Tue 27-Sep-16 11:29:34

I also think peanut butter on the trap will do the trick to get rid of mice smile

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