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Mice - what will pest control do?

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PatronSaintOfNothing Sat 24-Sep-16 08:21:40

We live in a very old detached property and there's major building works going on across the way. Last week we saw our cat playing with a mouse in the living room. We've found a few dead ones before but assumed they were bought in.

Now am pretty sure we have a mouse infestation. There is a funky smell coming from two cupboards which I've assumed was damp as this place has a damp problem. Have contacted pest control bit what will they do? I'm very very phobic and I can't bring myself to open the cupboards. I know in the kitchen cupboard there's fold that needs thrown out but I'm just frightened. Will they go into the cupboards?

PatronSaintOfNothing Sat 24-Sep-16 09:19:21

Should be said despite the place being in clear disrepair (the damp floor in the kitchen is stone actually has moss and plants growing from it) the landlord will only pay half of pest control, despite us having a toddler.

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