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How many hours per week would you suggest?

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Dontbesilly Thu 22-Sep-16 13:54:37

Hi, I have the opportunity to work for a parent and and her child as a housekeeper. This is a new role for both of us and I really welcome your feedback on the hours this could possibly take. It's very relaxed as long as things are done, it's up to me how I do it. They have set an hourly rate but not the number of hours other, than I can choose my hours to suit me as long as everything runs like clockwork.

How many hours per week would you suggest would be needed for a housekeeper. The duties would include, all laundry, including ironing and putting away etc, bed changing, hoovering, dusting, shopping, windows cleaned, bins emptied and put out for dustmen etc, kitchen cleaned, cupboards and appliances etc, excluding the oven, bathrooms cleaned, floors mopped, meal preparation and cooking (approx 4 x week) dealing with post and ordering meds, fine ornaments cleaned specially rather than a dusting, eg paintings and silverware etc, carpets washed as needed with a carpet cleaner, dealing with all general household post and warranty of household items etc, emptying and filling of dishwasher, tidying up, watering of houseplants and gardening which I can do or contract out. I have use of their car for shopping trips to the supermarket etc. Basically running a home.

There is no childcare as a nanny will be employed to deal specifically with the childcare elements. Eg school runs and activities etc. I would do the child's laundry and some family meals etc. The child has a small dog, which is exercised by the nanny but lives in the house too.

It's a generous size but not overly big family house. The lady is a busy professional and not too interested in or has time for housekeeping.

There can be a bit of mud and grass from the dog and from when the child goes horseriding, which is very often. It's mainly in the utility room and boot room but creates a fair bit of mess and does travel.

I have been doing the job for a month and it's working out to be around two to three hours a day or say about ten to twelve hours a week once I get into a routine etc. The lady gave a small hint of that being a bit too much in a polite surprised way. I am about to submit my hours for the past months work and feel a bit embarrassed if it's more than she expected. She pays 10.00 per hour and I am self employed and pay all my own tax and national insurance contributions. There is no holiday pay.

At the moment, I find it's easier to pop in after the school run each day and see what needs doing. Sometimes it's as I left it yesterday and I might just empty the dishwasher and maybe put a wash on and empty the bins etc. Other days, especially after a weekend, when I don't normally work, it is fairly messy and needs more attention. Also they don't have a household routine so I can't get a washing routine or shopping routine or chores routine in place. They like the house to look good enough for a house viewing as if it were on the market. That sort of standard.

Roughly what do you think in terms of hours?

Thanks for your replies.

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