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Cleaners - how often and how much do you pay (in London)

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alicebiscuits Wed 21-Sep-16 18:29:56

...and is it weird having a stranger coming in cleaning your muck up? Do you get them to do washing, bedding, floors, or just bathroom and kitchen? I'm going back to work and I need to know! How do you find a good in and what's too much to pay??? So many questions...

cavkc123 Wed 21-Sep-16 18:40:51

I have a cleaner 7 hours a week and pay her £10 ph (I'm in north London)

I absolutely adore her, she left for six months a couple of years ago and I was heartbroken

On an average week she will

Change and wash 2 or 3 beds

Ironing (only for DH and myself as I feel at the age of 24 I'm not paying someone to do my boys ironing)

Vacuums twice a week throughout

On a Monday, she concentrates on the bedrooms, bathrooms and ironing with a quick mop of all the hard floors, along with a dust in our family room and a quick wipe round the kitchen worktops (5 hours)

On a Friday she gives the kitchen a good clean, leather sofas cleaned etc (2 hours)

She's been with me 8 years and I never have to ask her to do anything, she just automatically does the jobs which don't need doing every week, such as inside fridge, washing ornaments etc

It can feel weird at first but you soon get used to it wink

ladydoer Sat 24-Sep-16 22:14:45

have 3 cleaners (2 for rented apartments)
basically you can tell them exactly what you want cleaned within the time you pay (I pay 4 hours, at £12 ph unless I need a deep clean before/after tenants)
they tidy up, remove dust, mop the floors, vacuum, clean bathrooms, clean oven, fridge, kitchen cupboards, sometimes windows . It's basically a cleaning package defined entirely by yourself, with small adjustments when needed

Honestly, if I am to clean all these, it would take me double the time (not that I am willing to spend even an hour cleaning - I'd rather be out with the kids). My home gets cleaned while I'm at work - this is an arrangement I made after having the maid clean twice in my presence.
I am booking via an agency (Home maid clean, contact there is Liz 0207 205 2528) - makes everything easier when maids are sick, taking days off, etc + they control the entire process so it's easier for me.

So, I'd advise to write down everything you need cleaned and get some quotes here and there, for your desired cleaning package. Then, if it turns to take too much time (and cost) - see what you'd be willing to cut out so you can fit your budget.

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