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Switching my cleaners

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xandra588 Mon 19-Sep-16 15:20:08

I had two cleaning ladies clenaing my house for over 2 years, after I found out they have been repeatetly "borrowing money" from me (without my knowledge), I kicked them out of my life along the friend who recommended them to me (that bitch took their side). They have not been stealing millions, but approx. £20-£30 a week have been always missing from my purse and I thought I was just spending a little more than I thought I did until I caught one of them with her head (literally) inside my bag. Anyway, life goes on, and I still need 2 cleaners. I live in Enfield, and am looking for some recommendations.

PS: The cleaners should be preferably with strong nerves as I'm going to monitor every single move of theirs. Thank you. smile

CatyB Mon 19-Sep-16 15:28:03

Really sorry this happened to you. I'm using this cleaning agency and such issues have not happened. My cleaning lady Sonya, is very reliable, I'm not even at home when she's there and is cleaning, and when I'm back from work, everything is in its place, and everything is clean. smile

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