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Which meile vacuum?

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reisling Mon 19-Sep-16 08:59:05

My trusty 12yr old meile has given up and I want a replacement. I've read amazing things about the cat and dog one but I don't have pets and no plans to get any. However, I do have 3 mucky dcs and long hair which gets everywhere. Is it a good buy or should I just get a standard meile?

reisling Mon 19-Sep-16 09:00:16

must read board before posting - i see there is already a thread about this grin

ReggaeShark Mon 19-Sep-16 09:00:24

This was covered over the weekend. C3 apparently.

ReggaeShark Mon 19-Sep-16 09:00:39

X post.

rabbit123 Mon 19-Sep-16 10:02:51

The Cat & Dog is worth it even if you don't have pets. The turbo brush is brilliant on carpets

reisling Mon 19-Sep-16 13:20:57

thanks rabbit, that's exactly what i wanted to know!

user1474322283 Mon 19-Sep-16 23:16:05

This question is covered in another thread on here but i would go with a C3

OCSockOrphanage Wed 21-Sep-16 14:28:56

My 8 year old Miele vac was making odd noises but as Miele claim to make 20 year life appliances, I rang them to ask about getting it repaired.

For £90, including collection and return, they replaced two heads completely as well as two foot switches and cleaned/serviced everything else. It took six days from start to finish. Considering that one replacement head cost £55, I thought it was superb value. If you haven't already bought another vac, it could save you bundles.

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