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Swimming costume washing

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SmileyScooby Sun 18-Sep-16 12:34:12

Ok so this probably sounds stupid but I haven't been swimming in ages and can't remember whether they can just be chucked in the washing machine cycle or not? for the minute just rinsed them but different people have told me different things - some said normal wash in machine, others say handwash just in cold water no detergent, and others handwash warm water with detergent.

So I wondering what other mumsnetters do!! (Feeling stupid I can't remember how to wash them - also have not got labels in them been cut out!)

Daisygarden Sun 18-Sep-16 12:36:04

Chuck them in wash with the soggy towels here! Along with detergent. No adverse effects. Maybe if you swam every day then would rinse with water only but for once a week swimming it doesn't seem to matter if they have detergent.

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