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AEG Competence oven- control panel very hot

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TheBeanpole Thu 15-Sep-16 22:16:34


Does anyone else have an AEG competence?

We have just got a new AEG oven (it's the BP5304001M ). After using it a couple of times I've noticed the control panel (not the door, which is fine) is horribly hot- not quite enough to burn, but almost.

I will call John Lewis to see if they can send someone to look at it, but wondered if this was normal or a known fault with these ovens? Any advice?


Susanannwatson Sat 17-Sep-16 18:20:55

Hello TheBeanpole, we are the PR Agency for Electrolux. If you can email us your details we can get someone to contact you. Please email There certainly shouldn't be any problems, but AEG customer care can look into this, thank you, Susan

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