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Oven cleaning help

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Frozentinkerbelle1 Mon 12-Sep-16 17:32:45


Just wondered what products people use to clean out their oven.

Ours needs a good clean!!

Many thanks

Cassimin Mon 12-Sep-16 17:35:06

On here last week everyone was recommending dish washer tablet and boiling water.
I tried it and it worked.
Also the white sponges from pound land.

pinkieandperkie Mon 12-Sep-16 17:42:06

I am feeling very smug as I gave my oven it's yearly clean this morning. and it's not even christmas. I put the shelves in the bath and soaked them in bio washing powder and hot water. After a couple of hours it just easily comes off with Brillo pads. While the shelves were soaking I sprayed the whole oven with flash and let soak. I've got a silicon oven liner from Lakeland so all the burnt on crap just rinses away. I'm exhausted.

wowfudge Mon 12-Sep-16 18:35:40

I use Oven Pride. Stick the shelves in the bag overnight and that's most of the work done. I like a Stanley blade scraper for getting the softened dirt off the inside of the glass door.

ladylambkin Mon 12-Sep-16 18:38:01

I did mines today ..used Oven Pride put it on last night and cleaned this morning. I took the glass off the oven door and gave it a good scrub. I keep going through to look at it (sad I know)

DramaAlpaca Mon 12-Sep-16 18:39:23

Another vote for Oven Pride. It worked miracles on mine.

Frozentinkerbelle1 Mon 12-Sep-16 22:00:45

Thank you so much. Think I will do an oven pride in first instance and keep up with it by trying dishwasher tablets or washing powder.

mysterywoman22 Wed 14-Sep-16 00:13:21

Astonish is the only oven cleaner you will ever need it's simply the best. cleans our cooker right up and leaves it sparkly clean.

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