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Dehumidifier for musty smelling 3 bed house?

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skuwdlu Sun 11-Sep-16 20:12:31

I live in a small 3 bed semi. We have storage heaters which are completely useless at heating the place. The house is not technically damp - no damp was shown on the survey and I have a friend who is a surveyor who has taken a look at it for me and confirmed this. However, I recently went away for a few days and when I got back there was a foosty/musty smell. I think the smell must be there all the time but I didn't notice it until I had gone away. I can only assume this is due to the house being inadequately heated. When I first moved in I was so skint I didn't put the heating on but I have had all the heaters going full blast all summer.

Sorry, that was a long preamble. I am desperate to stop the smell getting any worse. I am wondering if a dehumidifier would help. I do get condensation on my bedroom window every morning but I open the window during the day. I leave the bathroom and shower room windows open all the time. I had a Delonghi 10l dehumidifier before in a rental property where the bathroom didn't have a window and I had it going all the time outside the bathroom on the landing. I don't have that dehumidifier any more. I've been looking on amazon and seen Meaco dehumidifiers which seem to get good reviews. Some are suitable for a 3 bed home and some for a 5 bed home. I don't know if there would be any advantage in me getting the one for a 5 bed home as it extracts more per day. I don't know how much I am expecting to extract. I don't dry washing in the house, and I currently have to dry it off the premises. I might be tempted to dry washing in the conservatory if I had a dehumidifier. I never found the delonghi made any difference in terms of getting washing dry. I definitely don't want to dry washing in the house until I have got rid of this smell. I can't smell it now at all. I would need to go away for a fortnight and then come back to get a true impression.

Does anybody know about this stuff? Basically I don't want to get a 12l dehumidifier only to discover I really need a 20l one. It is a big outlay for me, and I am concerned about the running costs. But I don't want to be smelly. I work with the public and a lot of people come in smelling damp and musty and I feel so sorry for them, and I'd hate to think that people were smelling me and feeling sorry for me when I don't even know that I smell.

misselphaba Sun 11-Sep-16 23:15:43

The house probably smelled because it had been closed up whilst you were away. I'm sure it doesn't usually. Airing is so important in a 'not technically damp' house and lack of airing is probably why. I have one of those 'not technically damp' places too, apparently. Although I rent and a proper inspection hasn't been carried out so it could well be damp.

I know nothing about dehumidifiers but I'm leaning towards getting one for the same reasons so interested to find out.

skuwdlu Mon 12-Sep-16 16:04:19

I'm not totally sure if if the house just smelt because it was closed up. I think it was because I had been away and could smell it better. You know how you get used to your own perfume and then don't notice it. I think I will get the dehumidifier to be on the safe side but still not sure which one.

PickAChew Mon 12-Sep-16 16:11:08

We have this one which is a desiccant dehumidifier which includes an ioniser and does a lovely job of keeping the upstairs of our horribly damp without a doubt house fresh without sounding like a tractor like some of the condensing ones do (we have one of them monstrosities downstairs to deal with the bathroom and kitchen damp and DS2 always turns it off because he can't stand the chugging noise!)'longhi-dnc65-dehumidifier/p230428592

PickAChew Mon 12-Sep-16 16:12:30

I might replace the downstairs one for the winter, in fact.

skuwdlu Mon 12-Sep-16 19:00:44

I hadn't considered a desiccant model. Does it extract as much as a compressor one?

PickAChew Tue 13-Sep-16 15:03:01

They're more efficient, if anything.

skuwdlu Tue 13-Sep-16 20:47:37

They get good reviews. I am still totally undecided. It's not the most exciting of purchases. I have discounted the delonghi DEM10, which is what I had before.

PickAChew Tue 13-Sep-16 21:22:48

The one in my kitchen is the DES12. Still going strong after 4 years, but it sounds like a bloody tractor, now. I've ordered the Meaco DD8L to try in there. Fewer moving parts for kids to tamper with than the DeLonghi in my bedroom.

Eidel Tue 13-Sep-16 22:17:19

I've got this Air Dehumidifier for my home and it's fantastic. Whenever i have any odours what so ever it clears them right up. I think this is would be ideal for you and it's decent price as well, not too expensive like some other brands.

anotherbloodycyclist Tue 13-Sep-16 22:30:40

We have a Meaco 20 litre eco model and it is amazing. It turns off when it gets to a certain humidity. It's really cheap to run compared to our last De Longhi one, really quiet and it extracts shed loads of water. We have a 6 bed house and run it on the ground floor, which is tanked. It was £250 from John Lewis.

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