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Flash liquid v Polish

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UmmBum Sat 10-Sep-16 17:43:09

My last two cleaners have used polish to clean with. I'm prepared to be corrected but I find polish well ... polishes, but I prefer Flash or Zoflora for cleaning. So for example a bedframe with milk splashes on in my DC's room they'd use polish to clean off, or polish for a bedside table with coffee rings or grubby bannisters ... total slatterns that we are!

I've asked them instead to use a bowl of warm water, a cloth and liquid to clean these types of things that are actually dirty. Most things in the house are actually dirty due to having 5 young children. Polish in my mind is ok for wardrobes, taps to get a shine, maybe mirrors and my room which is much cleaner in general etc.

Can anyone clear this up for me? Which products are best for cleaning a filthy house? What things would you use polish for?

rabbit123 Sat 10-Sep-16 17:51:31

Polish is for polishing and dusting surfaces, not for cleaning. If that were me, I would use a cleaning spray and a cloth to clean up the actual dirt and then polish & a duster to make the surface shine. Polish is anti-static so it's stops dust sticking to surfaces, but it's not a cleaner

e1y1 Sat 10-Sep-16 18:11:44

Yes polish is definitely for polishing, not cleaning. However, it could be argued that if the milk splashes/coffee rings are gone and the surface looks clean; the job is done. It's not the same as a food prep surface that needs to be sanitised as well as looking clean.

But yes, I would want it cleaned with either water and cleaner or a direct spray cleaner.

I've never seen anyone use disinfectant properly, so no surprise the cleaners aren't using the right cleaners.

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