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Are self cleaning ovens worth it?

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sergeantmajor Tue 06-Sep-16 11:16:21

I am about to buy a bog standard oven. Is it worth paying (a lot) more to get one with a self cleaning feature? Obviously I do not love cleaning the oven, what I mean is , do the self cleaning functions work well? TIA

ChipmunkSundays Tue 06-Sep-16 11:44:26

Love our pyrolytic oven. It works brilliantly well on the whole oven. The only bit it doesn´t clean is the glass door. However, we were seriously impressed by how well it cleaned the rest. All you have to do is turn it on, leave till finished, then quick wipe over with a damp cloth to remove the ash (no scrubbing required). Ours is an Electrolux.

Clayhead Tue 06-Sep-16 11:45:58

Yes! We lost ours when we moved sad, will be buying another!

Coffeethrowtrampbitch Tue 06-Sep-16 11:50:55

Yes, I've just got one and it is a godsend.
It does get more dirty as you grill with a closed door, so much more fat stays inside, but 2 hours and it is clean, only ash left, and a quick scrub of the dried stuff on the glass and it all flakes off.

It was definitely worth the money. Try scratch and dent, mine is a Smeg which was reduced from over £600 to £275 as it had a scratch on the top. It is an integrated oven so the top is hidden anyway!

VeryPunny Tue 06-Sep-16 11:55:22

Our Siemens isn't self cleaning but does have some kind of coating which means that any dirt or fat just brushes off. Brilliant and you never need to run a self cleaning cycle.

sergeantmajor Tue 06-Sep-16 12:33:42

Thanks for the helpful answers!!

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