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OMG the messy bedrooms......

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bramblina Sun 04-Sep-16 23:00:28

Ugh. Dd (7) must have too much stuff. And crap storage. She mostly dumps everything on her desk, until it begins to slide off. I'm ok in the daytime but when it comes to tucking her in at night, and I'm tired, I just look and want to cry.
Ds1 (11) has a bigger room, better storage and has begun to chuck stuff out as he's growing up is less interested in crap.
Ds2 (3) has less stuff and I'm conscious not to allow him to hang on to every piece of crap he owns (as I obvs did with dcs 1 &2).
She must have about 40 bracelets. 80 hairclips. 20 hairbands. 10 dolls, 2 prams (which both get used, both fold up), just loads of stuff. I think the jewellery and beauty stuff is what gets spread out. I tidy her room for her/with her, but struggle to find homes for everything but actually she has nothing compared to her friends- who have playrooms (1 is an only child, and one girl only has a sister) but dd has all her stuff in her room which is a small double sized.

What do I do? What are your storage solutions????

GoldFishFingerz Sun 04-Sep-16 23:31:58

1) thorough declutter
2) find a home for everything

Onlytimewilltell Mon 05-Sep-16 11:06:45

Declutter the stuff she dosent play with, anything broken or bits missing.
My 8 year old has 2 prams but they are stored downstairs. Bracelets and clips shouldn't be causing too much mess as they are small, get a pretty storage box for them all (small fiddly jewellery boxes are pointless for a vast collection)
Underbed storage if you haven't already?

misscph1973 Mon 05-Sep-16 11:18:49

You could try the Marie Kondo method. I do this about once a year with my DC (9 and 11 now). I pull everything out, and I ask them about every single item "Do you still want/need this?" If not, it goes, they choose if it's bin or charity. If they want to keep it, I let them, and then we find a home for it. It's a difficult proces, and it takes ages. But mine get better at it every year, and they begin to understand it better, they take responsibility for their stuff.

But as your DD is only 7, so perhaps you should just ruthlessly tidy up and bin what you can.

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Mon 05-Sep-16 17:45:02

My dd's age 7 and 4 share a room they have the ikea kallax which takes up a wall (will eventually be used as a room divider) this houses all the toys, books and games. Even have as crap box as I call it!

Looks neat and easy to tidy up at the end of the day as everything has a home.

All clothes are under the bed in pull put boxes and hair bobbles/clips are in an old chocolate tub! The haribo ones are best as have 3 sections smile

MammouthTask Mon 05-Sep-16 17:52:11

Better storage do everything has a place.
Decluttering like miss is saying. Didnt know it was a 'method' as such but have been doing that with the dcs forever!
Another way is to move stuff out if the room (eg in the loft) and see if they miss it. If they never ask for xx, it's likely that they don't need it anymore.
I found though that it's around that age (7yo) that they need more input on what to keep and what to get rid off.
Not buying too much. If they already have 10 hair clips, do you need to buy another one?

MammouthTask Mon 05-Sep-16 17:57:20

Storage solution in our house was drawers from ones with plastic bins. Different size bi BFR fur different type of items (eg big one fur all the dolls but small for all the pencils etc..,)
In effect easy to see for the children but as flexible as possible so you can adapt to their changing interests

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