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WAH planning my time

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shouldwestayorshouldwego Wed 31-Aug-16 09:16:52

I work from home, very flexible, just need to get the job done. Due to change in workload and school run I will have approximately 6 or 7 childfree hours a week, possibly more if I can persuade them to do afterschool clubs on same day! One day a week I have a two hour commitment in the middle of the day which breaks it into 3hrs plus just over 1hr. I need a plan which will result in weekly shop being done, the house being tidier, less cluttered and maybe even some DIY done. These are tasks currently squeezed in to too little time.

The 1hr slot is quite useful for getting stuff in town, paint, cat litter etc so I think that I will leave that. I plan to do shopping first thing as it is early and I will be in the car anyway. I find online takes just as long by the time I have sniffed out the bargains and rejigged my food plans to take account of random use by dates. Wondering though whether I am better to plan to do 3hrs solid housework on my already broken up day cleaning, decluttering, etc plus maybe an hour on a different day. Alternatively I could spend the first hour of the day on house stuff before work, maybe cleaning/ decluttering/ shopping/ cleaning/ decluttering across the week. I prefer work to stuff around the house so once I start I am unlikely to stop other than short breaks to put washing on/ empty dishwasher.

If you work from home plus housekeeping do you do your housekeeping on one day or spread out?

Grumpyoldblonde Wed 31-Aug-16 12:04:16

I also WFH, sometimes 10/12 hour days so a bit different to you, I am an early riser so the minute I get up I unstack the dishwasher while the kettle boils and put in any dirty cups and plates, I potter about wiping the kitchen while everyone else gets up and ready and by the time my daughter leaves for school the kitchen is clean.
I wash school uniform on Friday the minute she walks in, so that's a job done.
My partner tends to keep an eye on the bins and hoovers on a Saturday and cleans kitchen.
I do my laundry on Saturday if I'm in as I don't pay for electric this day.
It's worth getting good at online shopping, even if you do a basic shop, so I will order 3 x milk for example so we don't run out during the week. Petfood is another good one to be delivered and stays in your 'favourites' so it takes so time to reorder.
We work too many hours to have a show home and I have made clear that I am paid to work not clean (very important) but the house never looks too bad. I have had a major declutter in the last year, and just do an hour here and there.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Wed 31-Aug-16 14:02:03

I was wondering about doing a click and collect, so staples to collect and get the extra bits when I collect. Unfortunately cat food is specialist across town so still need a trip but generally bulk buy once a month.

I think that the decluttering is the key then I can keep on top with half an hour a day. Not aspiring to show home standards!

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