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Cleaning the unglazed underside of cups and plates!

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teablanket Mon 29-Aug-16 10:51:19

Help! The unglazed ring on the bottom of some of my cups and plates look a little discoloured. Is there a reliable way to scrub them back to their former glory, or is it time for them to be replaced?

iwishiwish Mon 29-Aug-16 23:03:36

You could try a paste ofVim and warm water. Use a scouring sponge to rub it on, then leave for 10min and rinse.

PigletJohn Wed 31-Aug-16 11:42:26

try not to use bleach. If it gets under the glaze, it will leave a permanent yellow stain. This also happens with cracks. It develops some time after you did the bleaching. A common problem with "antique" or "display" plates that someone has tried to intensively clean.

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