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Are those carpet cleaner vacuum things worth it?

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Marinagg Sat 27-Aug-16 16:28:40

I'm so fed up of having to clean my carpets all the time by hand I was thinking about getting one, but they are quite expensive so I wasn't sure if it was worth it. Anyone had any experience with them?

LucyLocketLostHerPocket Sat 27-Aug-16 16:50:12

I'd love one too but never been able to persuade DH it's worth it.

padmasingh Sat 27-Aug-16 17:03:22

I've heard that the VAX W90 is quiet a popular carpet cleaner. I've seen the name mentioned a couple of times on this forum. If you do decide to get one, check this one out.

sycamore54321 Mon 29-Aug-16 19:35:13

I've never tried those but I can definitely recommend the huge Rug Doctor ones that you hire from hardware stores. They do a really good job and have the advantage of not taking up space in your house when not in use. Plus only having the machine for 24 or 48 hours really motivates me to get it all done at once. If you go this route, then I'd also say that you only need about half the amount of fluid they try to sell you.

But if you have the space easily to store one, I can see the attractions f having a home one on hand.

ChunkyHare Tue 30-Aug-16 22:50:12

I have a Bissell because I have two children who had reflux. So puke daily on my carpet. Ah the memories grin

You have to remember it is a carpet cleaner and not a stain remover, unless you get to the stain fast. It will suck out the dirt from the carpet, we are a shoes off house and it is surprising how dirty the water comes out.

It is a good machine, heavy, but good and you have to do it sloooowly for it to pick up all the water in the carpet. I used to do it when Dh was bathing the children and it is fairly easy to do.

OliveBranchCollins Wed 31-Aug-16 07:30:59

We had a vax not sure of the model and was very disappointed. Yes it freshened up the carpet but didn't get stains out, left the carpet soaking and leaked everywhere.
I think we used it about 3 or 4 times in 14 years.
It went in the skip when we had our big clear out in July.

PigletJohn Thu 01-Sep-16 23:21:43

I noticed in the Which reports that some of the domestic ones are rather poor. The cheaper Vax and Bissel ones among them. But some of their dearer ones came out well.

Top of their best buy list is the Bissell 34T2E Cleanview Pro Heat, £300.00
Cheapest best buy was Vax Dual V V-124 upright carpet washer, Today's best price: £142.42

I have only used the big rental machines, which are fantastic.

PickAChew Thu 01-Sep-16 23:25:13


Particularly when you have kids who suffer from abdominal migraines!

PickAChew Thu 01-Sep-16 23:28:48

We had a Vax that we didn't rate. Suplemented it with a handheld vax that was even more crap. Replaced it with a Bissell that cleans much better and has a useful handheld hose. Not perfect, but much better than scrubbing with 1001 spray foam and an old pair of knickers!

skeelo Fri 02-Sep-16 13:50:47

I've had quiet a few recommendations for the VAX W90. Me and my hubby were torn between getting that and the Bissell proheat carpet cleaner. In the end we ended up buying a Bissell and i can tell you it's the best thing we've ever brought. Our carpets look like new:-)

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